Dark Red Garnet Saint Ann's Chaplet
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Dark Red Garnet Saint Ann's Chaplet

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Your chaplet will be a valued treasure when you pray to St. Ann! Each of the dark red garnet beads have been loving individually wire wrapped for heirloom quality. An solid bronze St. Ann medal has been hand cast from an antique piece for old world beauty. St. Anne is the patroness of Christian Mothers. Length of Chaplet: 12 inches Length of Medal: 1 1/2 inches\t Overall Color: Dark Red Garnet What is a chaplet? A chaplet is a groups of beads, similar to a rosary, that is dedicated to a attribute of Jesus, Mary or a specific Saint. Each chaplet is unique and often has beautiful symbolism in the number of beads, color of beads or prayers used. A chaplet prayed well will undoubtedly draw you closer to Jesus! What is Wire-Wrapping? Wire-wrapping is a process that takes a straight piece of wire and manipulates it into a loop with a wire wrapped around it’s bottom. It produces the strongest and most durable enclosure for the bead that is extremely difficult to break or pull off. Why is it important for Chaplets? I will not tolerate broken chaplets - period! With a wire-wrapped chaplet you almost eliminate the chances of the rosary breaking. It will withstand a child yanking on it or being carried in your pocket or purse. Although, a wire-wrapped rosary can break, I have only had three that have needed to be fixed in the 13 years that I have been making rosaries. What is Patina? Patina is tarnish that forms on the surface of bronze, copper, brass and silver metals, caused by oxidation and can be used decoratively in fine jewelry and metalworking. How does Patina effect my Chaplets? Each chaplet is handcrafted with new wire. The color of the new wire is shiny and bright and often doesn’t match the bronze Medal and Center. Over time the wire will patina in a darker, richer color and match the Medal and Center. One exception to this is the stainless steel wire used for the Sterling or Pewter Chaplets. This will always stay bright and shiny and perfectly match your medals.

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