Why Should I Choose an Immaculata Designs Bronze Wire Wrapped Rosary?
I have been called by God to use my artistic talents to help you reclaim your Catholic identity with handmade designs that have soul piercing beauty and heirloom quality. When you hold your one of a kind artistic rosary in your hand, I want the God given beauty of the antique bronze Crucifix and Center, the gemstone beads, and the heirloom wire wrapped quality to inspire your to pray your rosary! The Holy Spirit often uses art to speak very deeply to our hearts in ways that words can not explain. You will experience this with your Immaculata Designs rosary!

What Makes Your Medals, Crucifixes and Centers So Unique and Beautiful?
Each of the medals, crucifix and centers have been hand cast in solid bronze from an antique piece. These medals were painstakingly crafted by artists with years of experience and dedication. Their old world beauty still shines through today. Many of the medals are exclusive to Immaculata Designs and you will not find them anywhere else. Here are some of the exclusive designs: Miraculous Medals, St. Benedicts, St. Rita, St. Andrew.

Are Your Designs Made in the U.S.A.?
All items are handcrafted by Betsy, the artist behind Immaculata Designs, in the U.S.A!

How Did You Learn to Make Rosaries?
God and our Blessed Mother placed the desire on my heart to design and handcraft my own rosaries when I graduated from college and couldn’t find a soul piercing, beautiful rosary with heirloom quality. Though God’s grace I taught myself how to wire wrap rosaries in order to craft the a durable rosary that is most resistant to breaking. I also have a keen eye for color and quality, which helps me to choose the perfect gemstones for each design. I feel blessed to be able to share this with you and to help you reclaim your Catholic identity!

Can You Help Me Find a Saint Chaplet or Medal?
Immaculata Designs will be happy to discuss any particular Saint chaplet or medal you would like to determine if one exists or could be created. Please email me at immaculatadesigns@gmail.com for more information.

Does Immaculata Designs do Custom Designs?
Yes! Please contact me at immaculatadeisgns@gmail.com and we can discuss what your would like!

What is a Chaplet?
The Catholic Encyclopedia defines a chaplet as a ‘crown of religious profession.’ [C]haplets are crowns which we can use to bring greater honor and glory to Our Lord, His Blessed Mother, the Angels and the Saints. They also are forming crowns for our own Heavenly Glory, by storing our treasures in heaven.” (Patricia Quintiliani, My Treasure of Chaplets, p. xiii)

There are many different chaplets, each unique and rich with symbolism. This can be seen in the individual prayers used, the number of beads and even the color of the beads. There is no set formula for how a chaplet is created. Some were given by Jesus or Mary in private revelations, some are centuries old with little knowledge of the origins and some have been prayerfully created in modern times to increase devotion to a lesser known saint. The number of beads varies with each chaplet, as well. Some are prayed on regular rosary beads like the Divine Mercy Chaplet, while others have their own special set of beads in which the number of beads has symbolic meaning. For instance, the Blessed Sacrament Chaplet uses 33 beads in honor of Jesus’ life on earth or 24 beads are used in the St. Therese Chaplet in remembrance of her years on earth. In addition to the number of beads, some chaplets add the richness of symbolic colors. This can been seen in the white and purple beads of the St. Joseph Chaplet to honor his purity and piety, and in the St. Philomena Chaplet with the white and red beads to symbolize her purity and martyrdom

What Chaplets Does Immaculata Designs Offer?
Immaculata Designs offers many popular and hard to find Bronze Wire Wrapped Chaplets. Each Chaplet is handmade with antique pieces that have been hand cast in solid bronze. All of the beads are genuine gemstones that have been individually wire wrapped for heirloom quality. After years of faithfully praying your chaplet, you will be able to hand it down to your children and grandchildren. Immaculata Designs has many exclusive chaplets that you will to find anywhere else such as: Stations of the Cross Chaplet, Seven Sorrows/Doloros Chaplet, Holy Wounds Chaplets, St. Dymphna Chaplet, St. Andrew Christmas Novena Chaplet, St. Rita Chaplet. {link to all of these chaplets}

I Love this Chaplet, Does it Come in Different Beads?
Chaplets are often crafted with specific colors, like the St. Joseph Chaplet or St. Philomena Chaplet and St. Dymphna Chaplet. [link to chaplets] However, some chaplets do not have colors of beads specified like the St. Anne Chaplet, Holy Wounds Chaplet, and Seven Sorrows chaplet [like to chaplet]. For chaplets that do not have colors specific to their designs I would be happy to discuss other options! This is also possible for Immaculata Designs rosaries and Religious Jewelry!

What is Wire Wrapping and Why is the Best Way to Craft Heirloom Rosaries?
Wire-wrapping is a process that takes a straight piece of wire and manipulates it into a loop with a wire wrapped around it’s bottom. It produces the strongest and most durable enclosure for the bead that is extremely difficult to break or pull off. This method, combined with SOLID bronze wire at the thickest gauge possible, is the only way to construct heirloom rosaries. Some people use the word “unbreakable” to describe this construction. Everything can break, so I feel that this is misleading. However, this method will give you the greatest chance of your rosary not breaking and allowing you to hand down your rosary or chaplet for generations. As we all know, a broken rosary won’t get prayed!

What Kind of Wire do You Use?
Every detail that goes into your design has been well though out and researched. I only use the best parts to create my designs. For my bronze rosaries and jewelry I use SOLID BRONZE wire in the thickest gauge possible. That means that the wire is the same all the way through to the core and will never flake off exposing a cheaper metal below, which is often a different color. For my sterling silver designs I use either Argentium Silver Wire that tarnishes more slowly or Solid Stainless Steel wire that will never tarnish.

What Kind of Beads do You Use?
Each set of beads is hand selected from the finest available strands. I use real gemstone beads, Swarovski crystal beads, and Fresh Water Pearls. I never use plastic beads or glass beads with gemstone like coating. Each of the beads is chosen to evoke soul piercing beauty AND heirloom quality, which means years from now they will still be just as beautiful.

Do Your Items Come Blessed?
No. It is not permissible to sell Blessed objects. However, I would highly recommend having your rosary, chaplet, and religious jewelry blessed by your Priest.

Will my Bronze Medals Tarnish?
The quick answer is no, bronze doesn’t tarnish like sterling silver. However, bronze does patina! This means that the the bronze will slightly darken over time. I feel that the patina only enhances the medals and makes them more beautiful and antique looking.

What is Patina?
Patina is the brown film on the surface of bronze or similar metals, produced by oxidation over a long period. This does not damage the medal.

How do I Polish my Bronze Medals?
If you feel that its necessary to polish your bronze medals, you have a few options. I would first use a soft cotton cloth and gently but firmly rub the medal. If this does not give the desired effect the next best option would be to use a polishing cloth made for brass. Again, if that is not enough you can use any cream polish that is made for brass.