Brown Fresh Water Pearl Bracelet with Bronze Safeguard Medal
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Brown Fresh Water Pearl Bracelet with Bronze Safeguard Medal

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What a powerful safeguard Infant of Prague medal placed on a chain of fresh water pearls will adorne your wrist!  The safeguard medal is exclusive to Immaculata Desigs and you won't find it anywhere else!  Read more below about this powerful medal. 

Holy Infant Jesus of Prague Safeguard Cross Medal

This is a very enriched and indulgent medal!  

On the front of the medal:

—>”ET VERBUM CARO FACTUM EST" Terrifying words for demons, because they announce salvation of humanity by the Incarnation of the Son of God.

—>The initials of the words of Jesus; "V.R.S." , initials for  "VADE RETRO SATANAS" which means ; Retire Satan! With a Cross above the initials with symbolize redemption from the grips of the evil one.

On the back of the medal:

—> "VIVAT JESU"; Live Jesus. The Holy name of Jesus is feared in hell. It's by invocation of this loving name that the apostles healed the sick and resurrected the death.  Very powerful for anyone who lovingly pronounces Jesus’s Holy name. 

—>“REX SUM EGO"; I am King. It's Jesus’ affirmation before the courts of Jerusalem. There are still people who do not recognize the Kingdom of our Savior. To repair this, say often the words for which the initials A.R.T. are engrave on this medal; "ADVENIAT REGNUUM TUUM"; May Your Kingdom come.

—>“AVE MARIA"; Hail Mary. It's through Mary we had Jesus, and it's through Mary, Holy Mother of God that come all of the graces. Pray for Mary’s intercession and your prayers will be favorably heard.


Many are the graces of all kind obtained by wearing this medal, called Safeguard medal. People who wear it with confidence were preserved of grave accidents, others were healing by kissing it. Catholic church strongly recommends people to wear this "protection-shield" on which evil from any enemy would crash on it.

Recommendations for wearing it were:

Mothers of families; give it to your children, make them kiss it every morning and evening. Give it also to your husbands, so it is a safeguard for them in their work, their travels or fights.

The sick; kiss it with devotion, place it on your heart, repeat the words engraved on it, and you'll find great consolation and maybe cure.

Soldiers, sailors; wear it with confidence, it will be a protection in fights and a safeguard in the dangers of soul and body. 

Farmers; place it in your stables, in your fields, it will protect your cattle and your goods against epidemics. 

Pilots, drivers, travelers; wear it on your heart, it will protect you from the dangers of the road and on the airs.

This medal is also a treasure for the souls in Purgatory, through the indulgences given to this medal by Pope Pius X. Relieve with all our strength the souls who suffer in the flames, souls so quickly forgotten. Never leave a day without winning indulgences in their favors.

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